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New Post “Business Time” is up on the blog! The Dress is from H&M (hmstreetstyle), which has brought Plus Sizes to Toronto! (Via Vaughan Mills Mall)

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Guess what opened recently? H&M+ in Vaughan Mills Mall!!!
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New (and very first!) Lipstick Review is up on the blog!
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My Fatkini picture has been featured on Buzzfeed and MTV!!!! (Follow My Instagram Here)

This is so absolutely fantastic and really weird for me; if you can please click on the links above to see the pages! <3

DISCLAIMER: Buzzfeed says “Real Women” which I do NOT agree with, if you wish to discuss this with me in private I would be up for that, but please keep any reblogs positive : >

New Twin Tuesday post is up on the blog!

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New Post, which more photos, “Beach Babe" is up on the blog! 

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New Post “Vacation Vacation" is up on the blog! 

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New Post “The Cutest Coveralls" is up on the blog!

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that-one-creepy-fangirl said:'re very pretty and I really like your aesthetic c: But I have a question, it's sorta dumb though. I'm really nervous for my first day of school this year, so what would you suggest wearing to give a good first impression?

Hi Darling, so happy you felt comfortable enough to message me!

Let me reassure you first off by saying that this isn’t a dumb question at all; nothing is ever stupid UNLESS the question has already been answered (like when someone says “It’s 1pm” and then someone asks “What’s the time.” Another perfect example of what I consider to be a dumb question would be “Why do we still need Feminism,” though that’s just my opinion on the matter…)

Congratulations on your first day of school; I honestly don’t remember any of mine too well at all so while you’re nervous I’m sure you’re a bit excited as well… Maybe not excited for homework and studying, but think of the people you could meet! : > 


In truth, I’m not really sure on how to answer this question. I can tell you how I would dress for my first day of school, but that might not be what you want to wear yourself. It also really depends on what grade, or year, you’re going into. So to really get right down to hit, I am not sure what you should wear on your first day of school, but I have some like “prerequisites” I could share with you.

  1. Wear something that you’re comfortable wearing. Your first day of school might not be the perfect time to break out into something exotic and new. 
  2. If you’re wearing something you’re comfortable in wearing, don’t forget that you’re really awesome.
  3. Self confidence is REALLY hard to come for a lot of people, so I would suggest that between now and your first day, at least once a day, you just tell yourself that you’re amazing, awesome, gorgeous and beautiful. This helps me a lot on a day to day basis. 
  4. Forget about thinking about how other people will look at you. Do something for you, not because you want to get with the “in” crowd.
  5. Last but not least, and I cannot say this enough, maybe it’s what you wear underneath your clothes that will really set the mood for your first day. I stand by the thought that wearing pretty lingerie builds confidence, so that could work for you as well! 

Remember, none of this is set in stone. As much as I’m really happy you came to me with this question, I really want you to form your own opinion around what I say. If you like everything I’ve said that’s fantastic! If not, I won’t be mad about it. 

Thanks for writing darling, I hope your first day goes well!

Knock em dead,


New Post “Throwback Thursday" is up on the blog! 

I don’t participate in many internet parties, this isn’t the word I’m looking for- it’ll have to do now, but I decided to take part in Throwback Thursday this week because  I stumbled upon something I created back in high school that really shows how I started to become more aware of body positivity etc. Rosedale Heights School of the Arts always took place in the Contact Festival…

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