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For a year I had been seeing posts about this show “My Mad Fat Diary” on many social media outlets, and for an entire year I didn’t bother looking it up even though the show’s title immediately caught my eye (mad and fat? Of course I was interested!); that is until this February came around. With the shows second series airing on E4 I finally looked it up- especially as I could marathon the first series completely- and boy am I kicking myself for not doing that sooner. I am now very much in mad fat love with “My Mad Fat Diary.” So much so that I wanted to my next blog post focusing on an OOTD based on Rae’s (MMFD’s leading lady) style, and a small list based review on the show itself.

The shows plot (quick and simple):

  • Set in Lincolnshire in the mid 90’s (1996 to be exact) Rae Earl, a 16 year old, 16 (.5?) stone (google tells me that’s around 220 pounds,) girl has just completed for months in psychiatric care away from her mother and bff Chloe (who actually thinks Rae was vacationing in France.) Now “out” Rae must keep her secret mental break a secret, go through counselling with the sometimes infuriating Kester, and reconnect with bff Chloe; while also making new friends with Chloe’s mates Izzy, Chop, Archie, and Finn.

Now that that little introduction is out of the way let’s get started!

Rae’s outfits as pictured above:

  • Leather Jacket
  • Band T’s (sometimes with long sleeves shirts underneath)
  • Plaid Flannels
  • Mini Skirts
  • Black Tights or Jeans
  • Red Chucks or Converse
  • Circle Sunglasses (wears on a sunny day, not pictured above)

My Outfit (otherwise known as, what I actually wore in middle and high school):

  • Leather Jacket: Danier (circa high school years)
  • Plaid Flannel: Mark’s
  • Transformers Autobots Graphic Tee: Can’t remember
  • Wine Coloured Mini Skirt: H&M
  • Black Tights: Torrid
  • Warm Sock: Probably stolen from Father.
  • Red Chucks or Converse: Get Outside (Toronto)
  • Circle sunglasses: Kensington Market

Five very important reasons as to why I love “My Mad Fat Diary” (aka five reasons why you should like the show too- these aren’t in any particular importance order):

  • My Mad Fat Diary passes the Bechdal Test; it has over two women in it (Rae, her mom, Tix, Chloe, Izzy) just in the first season alone, who talk to each other (they talk quite a bit to each other,) and they talk to each other about something other than a man. Examples (without spoilers): Rae and Tix talk about Rae leaving the hospital the very first episode, and often Rae and her mother argue about something (space, money, bodies, people etc)
  • Rae Earl (portrayed by Sharon Rooney) whom you can instantly relate to, no matter your size, gender, or age. Everyone at some point in their life has felt vulnerable or laughed at like Rae has, everyone has gone through their ups and down, everyone has fantasized about being kissed or having a partner that loves them; and the fact that the main character isn’t tv show or even movie perfect immediately allows you empathize with her completely. 
  • Sharon Rooney’s performance; she is in the role and that is absolutely seamless, nothing ever feels half assed. She is constantly pushing the bar, constantly provoking, constantly blurring the lines between what could be an act and what could be real emotion. Five times during the show you’ve got to take a little breather because, holy shit you’ve thought that exact same thing, or a topic hits a little close to home.
  • The shows honest portrayal of mental health; which is a huge reason as to why I like My Mad Fat Diary. Take away the comedy, the laughs, and you’ve got a show for one hour explaining how mental health effects the person, and those around them. Too often is mental health considered a taboo subject when it should be something people should be talking about. On the E4 website there is even a place to talk about the themes in the show with information on who you can talk to if you are feeling down or depressed.
  • My Mad Fat Diary’s soundtrack; the perfect 90’s mix, the songs you remember listening to- the ones you can even today still sing along with while the story is at a lull. You see Oasis on shirts and immediately want to listen to Oasis, it’s absolutely perfect.
  • BONUS: The supporting cast is amazing.

Five reasons as to why I love “My Mad Fat Diary” in pictures:

  •  (Rae would look so good as Wonder Woman)
  •  (how could I not show you a gif of Finn being adorable) 

With my sincerest apologies at this post being late, and lots of love,



P.S. If you start watching send me an ask! : D

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