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When I was younger I was completely ashamed of the fact that girls my age seemed to be hairless, whereas I had what I would consider to be an abundance of body hair. I was literally sprouting hair from the top of my head, right down to my toes. It felt unnatural to be growing hair under my arms, or on my legs, so naturally I wanted to get rid of it and fast. So I tried waxing my legs which was, to put it mildly, incredibly painful but would last about two weeks before I noticed the hair starting to grow again. I was overjoyed that for two whole weeks I, sort of, looked like everyone else in my grade, and even though it hurt- enough to bring tears to my eyes- that was the price of being normal.

Then I started to play sports, volleyball, co-ed volleyball specifically, and didn’t have time to wax so I tried shaving. I picked up my mothers razor, lathered my legs with shaving cream and well… it didn’t honestly work out that well. I ended up really doing some damage on my legs, but at least they were smooth, albeit covered in bandages. There had to be a better, quicker, and less painful way to do this; so I tried something called a depilatory cream- but really- that’s enough about my history of trying to cover up what naturally I produce a lot of. 

"Women have body hair too," is a sentence I have said to more people than I can count on both hands (and my feet), when they see the hair on my arms (for example,) yet people never seem to really let the words sink in. They constantly want to undermine the simple biological fact by saying things like "You’re just hairy because you’re European, but even European women shave," or "Don’t you think you should shave your legs?" It used to hurt me a lot, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt me now, but I can say with great confidence that I don’t let it bother me in the same ways it used to. 

If anything it has made me a stronger advocate for self love and body positivity.  

I know that having body hair isn’t the most desirable appearance a woman should have, but that’s because the media has told us that to be beautiful we have to be “smooth like a babies bottom.” The media should instead tell people that they are beautiful no mater what, and while that’s a tall order if the media won’t do that, then I will. I don’t care if you like to shave, wax, or laser the hair off your body; if that makes you feel more comfortable than that’s completely fine. Just don’t ever look down on someone, or don’t ever force someone, to get rid of their body hair just because you want them to, or society and media tells them to. That isn’t right. People should make their own decisions, especially if that decision isn’t hurting anyone else. (Having body hair isn’t going to make someone beat up an old lady, or rob a bank; if anyone tells you that, tell them to !$%^ off.)

I’ve been letting my body hair grow since September of 2013 (that’s the many places I grow hair up there), come the summer I might shave my legs, I might shave my underarms, but that decision is up to me to make. No one is going to force me to do something to my body that I don’t want to do. As soon as more people begin to love themselves, then that’s when we as human beings will become much happier individuals and groups. 

Lots of body hair, body positive, Love,


P.S. This post was written for someone on tumblr because their Doctor made them feel horrible about having hair on their arms. If you’re out there reading this tumblr user, I hope you like this post, it really is dedicated to you <3

P.P.S. I have so much hair on my head, it just makes sense that I’d have hair on my body; that’s one of the reasons I love my body hair, without it I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have bombshell mermaid hair.

  • 17 March 2014
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